Versatile Mage - Chapter 3156 Someone Who Can Balance Wen Tai Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 3156 Someone Who Can Balance Wen Tai

The King of Night and Day suddenly started laughing coldly. His laughter echoed over the ancient dark city that had turned into ruins.

At this point, he did not have to hide it anymore.

He had indeed been playing a game that pitted humans against demons.

He hated keeping things balanced.

Whether it was the three emperors of the mortal world, the Ocean Godly Horde and Undead under the sea, or the Dark Kings on the Dark Plane, everything relied on a delicate balance. However, once things became too stable, life on the Dark Plane and the mortal world felt dull. It was like a chess game without any excitement or conflict.

Whenever there was an upset in the balance, the game would become interesting. He enjoyed watching humans struggle and fight with the Ocean Demons. He also commanded beasts from the Roof of the World to destroy human civilization and manipulated the Land of the Antarctic's emperor to freeze half of the world.

Only when things were chaotic did the world seem lively.

He was immortal, and his biggest fear was boredom. But then, he had a new fear—Wen Tai, whose power surpassed everything.

In the past, Wen Tai would always hold back and never do anything drastic on the Dark Plane.

All the calmness and obedience he showed before, along with his feelings of being lost and in pain, were all for this moment. He had been planning to gather the Dark Kings and kill them!

No one had expected him to get into hell on his own!

"Wen Tai, I understand your desires, but you can't manipulate the world's rules on your own. You're not immortal, and your determination is gradually being eroded on the Dark Plane. Eventually, you'll grow tired of this dull world just like me," the King of Night and Day said as he pointed at Wen Tai.

"Balance is just something to strive for. Since it's so hard, what I want can only be almost within reach, never fully achieved. Nevertheless, the possibilities are endless. Pursuing it is like a form of self-improvement. How could I ever lose my way?" Wen Tai replied and chuckled.

Both of them saw things very differently.

Wen Tai sought the infinite. Maybe he thought that there were even more mysterious things beyond the Forbidden Curse and more powerful beings than emperors.

However, the King of Night and Day no longer searched. He looked down on the world as a Dark King. The higher he stood, the smaller everyone else seemed, like mere pieces in a game. So, his only joy was playing with this chessboard and making rules that he found fun. He was naughty, like a mischievous child.

"Haha. You believe in balance, but what have you been doing?" The King of Night and Day suddenly burst into laughter.

Wen Tai frowned. He reached out, and a huge void palm appeared in the sky. Then, it crashed down onto the ancient dark city!

The ancient dark city, including the royal court, was reduced to rubble!

The void palm was bigger than the ancient dark city itself. When it struck the ground, it left a deep and huge imprint.

The King of Night and Day continued to laugh as he lay on the ground.

He then brushed the dust off his body. When he stood up, his face was covered in blood, but his laughter became even more manic.

"Wen Tai, you believe in some meaningless things. How hypocritical of you, and how laughable. You were just a pawn in the mortal world before. Now that you've become the player, you overlook humanity and manipulate them in your own way," the King of Night and Day continued to condemn Wen Tai's actions.

Wen Tai's face showed no emotion. He pointed at the dark sky, and a vast gate opened.

A galaxy in constant explosion then appeared inside the gate. There was debris from the stars wrapped in a pure white flame as it passed through the gateway into this world.

The debris surged toward the King of Night and Day.

The force was so powerful that it could cause a world-ending earthquake, but Wen Tai had perfected his control over his powers. He contained the immense energy within a single area, where the King of Night and Day stood.

Mo Fan and Mu Bai were also standing amid the chaotic white flames and debris. Their surroundings looked like a collapsing galaxy. There were no objects, just endless collisions of elemental storms creating sparks of destruction.

"Mo Fan, if possible, let's leave the Dark Plane as soon as possible," Mu Bai said softly.

"Okay. Can you return to the mortal world?" Mo Fan asked.

"I can." Mu Bai nodded.

After Mu Bai obtained the True Soul, he could rebuild his body. However, he was a dark holy spirit instead of a pure human.

Meanwhile, Wen Tai was crushing the King of Night and Day bit by bit.

In fact, what the King of Night and Day said before his execution was not entirely wrong.

Wen Tai did believe in balance.

The various races and Holy Spirits in the world needed to maintain a balance and depended on each other. If one side became too powerful or disrupted this balance, the world would fall into chaos and conflict. Peace would be unattainable for all.

Peace was incredibly valuable to the weaker beings.

However, was his word really reliable?

His actions spoke for themselves. He had decided to kill all of the Dark Kings, including the King of Night and Day, who was nearly as powerful as him.

From today onward, the Dark Plane would only have one Dark King—Wen Tai!

He had no one to balance him out!

He had become a dictator!

He believed in balance, yet he was turning into someone who stood above it.

So, when the King of Night and Day pointed this out, Wen Tai did not argue. He just tried to kill him straight away.

The King of Night and Day kept laughing.

He knew that he would not survive. But by planting a seed of doubt in Wen Tai's heart, he would, in a way, still live on.

The more powerful Wen Tai became, the stronger this seed of doubt would grow.

Maybe one day, when Wen Tai completely lost his way, the King of Night and Day could take over Wen Tai and be reborn!

With that thought, the King of Night and Day no longer feared death.

He was immortal because he did not need a physical body or soul to survive.

He was a shadow, a dark presence buried deep in everyone's heart!

The atmosphere grew heavy, but it was clear that Wen Tai was calming down.

Standing next to Wen Tai, Asha'ruiya also sensed a frightening aura spreading. This was the first time she had sensed his true emotions after following him for so long.

Suddenly, she saw Wen Tai staring at someone.

That person was sneaking away while everything around them was falling apart.

From his speed, it was obvious that he was attempting to flee.

Wen Tai's gaze changed. Asha'ruiya knew him better than anyone else in the world, and for a moment, she sensed a chill.

What the King of Night and Day said before his death was not entirely correct.

There was someone who could balance Wen Tai.

It was just that this person was still growing.

"Father…" Asha'ruiya called out softly.

Wen Tai did not reply. He continued to fix his gaze on the escaping Mo Fan.

Those who had seen Mo Fan's abilities could tell that he was not at his peak strength yet.

Once he mastered the Forbidden Curse of all elements, his power would surpass that of the three emperors from the Roof of the World. He would then become powerful enough to challenge high-ranking emperors.

Wen Tai had already been on a killing spree today.

If Mo Fan was also beyond balance, then according to his beliefs, Mo Fan should be killed!

The Archangels from Holy City should think the same too.

"Are you scared?" Wen Tai asked softly.

"Yeah." Asha'ruiya nodded.

She had been the only one to know about Wen Tai's plan to kill the Dark Kings. Hence, she never worried about Mo Fan's safety. She was certain that Wen Tai would help him.

However, what if Mo Fan's actual threat was Wen Tai?

The words spoken by the King of Night and Day before his death made Asha'ruiya realize that Mo Fan might be the one capable of challenging Wen Tai.

"He was right. What I believe in and what I've done are in conflict," Wen Tai said as he pointed at the dust that used to be the King of Night and Day. "But by letting Mo Fan leave the Dark Plane now, I'm also creating a balance, a restraint on my own power."

He was achieving a different kind of balance by nurturing someone capable of challenging him. "So, you'll let Mo Fan and the others leave, right?" Asha'ruiya asked seriously.

Wen Tai sounded calm, but the cold glint in his eyes unsettled Asha'ruiya. Ultimate power and supremacy were tempting. After all, if he killed Mo Fan, no one would challenge his position as the Dark King for thousands of years.

"Don't worry about me," Wen Tai reassured Asha'ruiya gently.

"I need you to look into my eyes," Asha'ruiya insisted.

Wen Tai kept staring at Mo Fan, who was trying to escape. How could Asha'ruiya be at ease?

After a while, Wen Tai looked away and turned to her.

Although she had grown up, to Wen Tai, Asha'ruiya still looked like the girl he had adopted years ago. Despite her soft features, she had a determined look in her eyes.

Looking at her, Wen Tai smiled slightly and said, "Ever since you started following me, you've never questioned my beliefs or actions. This is the first time you've doubted me."

"I…" Asha'ruiya hesitated.

"If he's in your heart, why not be brave for once? This isn't like the Asha'ruiya I know," Wen Tai said.

"I'm following my true feelings in my own way," Asha'ruiya said seriously without feeling shyness.

"Oh, I understand. It's like what I'm obsessed with. I can get closer and closer, but I can never reach it, right?" Wen Tai asked.

Asha'ruiya was caught off guard by his words.

Yeah. Without realizing it, Asha'ruiya had also chosen a path that would never have a clear end. Even so, she would not stop.

"I won't harm him."

Wen Tai looked again in the direction Mo Fan had fled and said, "In a few years, I'll need him to balance me."

Versatile Mage - Chapter 3156 Someone Who Can Balance Wen Tai Free Read Online (2024)


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