Versatile Mage - Chapter 3155 King of Night and Day, Do You Admit to Your Wrongdoings? Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 3155 King of Night and Day, Do You Admit to Your Wrongdoings?

Mo Fan realized that he often just scratched the surface when dealing with things.

Wen Tai willingly stayed on the Dark Plane because he knew what was right and cared about everyone!

The Dark Plane was scary and huge. The creatures that lived there constantly watched the mortal world, like demons trapped in hell. They were always on the verge of breaking free and causing chaos in the mortal world.

"Good job, Wen Tai! The Dark Plane really needs you. Just concentrate on sorting things out here. I'll take good care of your family, especially your daughter, back in the mortal world. I won't let anything bad happen to her." Mo Fan thought.

"Wen Tai, do you really think you can defeat all of us gods alone?" the King of Night and Day said coldly.

Mo Fan could tell that the King of Night and Day was among the most powerful Dark Kings. While he was not exactly a high-ranking emperor, he had come pretty close.

He was the only one who had not been deformed by the hand in the sky. If he willed it, he could even make it slowly disappear.

However, Wen Tai's power to suppress was unmatched. He knew that the King of Night and Day was the toughest of the other six Dark Kings, so he created a massive monument of light just for him.

The monument was so massive that it could touch the sky. It stood in the King of Night and Day's ancient dark city and made the city look tiny by comparison.

The King of Night and Day glared at the towering Wen Tai and tried to raise his hand.

He succeeded, and a black rift suddenly appeared among the countless spears of light.

When the light filled the sky, the black rift became very noticeable.

The King of Night and Day suddenly clenched his fists, and numerous lightning bolts poured out of the black rift.

They sliced through the air and crashed into the light. Their impact created a frightening wave of swirling darkness and light.

Before long, this wave filled the sky above the Dark Plane. Then, it transformed into a menacing ocean that loomed upside down in the sky.

Sparks from the collision landed on the thin layer of water on the ground, and they wiped out vast stretches of black mountains and rivers.

As the clash between the gods continued, the mortal beings suffered greatly.

It felt as though the world was collapsing; the resulting force spread far and wide. It cracked the ground where Mo Fan once stood and turned the dark creatures into ash.

The more the King of Night and Day struggled, the wider the devastation spread.

Across the mortal world, an uncountable number of dark forbidden areas trembled violently. Frightened creatures, including birds, fled and scattered in all directions. It was as if they were facing an impending catastrophe.

Above many countries, ominous birds flew and cast a dark shadow over the sky. The unbelievable sight put all the high-ranking mages of these countries on alert.

On top of that, plenty of dormant volcanoes erupted in the dark ocean. Molten lava flowed for miles and turned the seabed a fiery red.

In distant seas, a chilling divine aura that resembled an ancient relic of the gods appeared. It created huge mirages that hovered above the sea levels of coastal countries.

The sky was filled with sporadic black whirlpools and alternating bursts of strong holy light. The clash between the powerful light and darkness created terrifying ripples that made the sky over the mortal world seem unpredictable.

People had no idea what was happening. They had never witnessed such phenomena before.

Meanwhile, a figure stood silently at the peak of Kunlun Mountain.

The Goddess in the Parthenon Temple prayed softly, and Order Angels looked up at the sky in Holy City.

Retired Forbidden Mages also showed up at the tower of the Five Continents Magic Association Alliance. Others understood that they would not appear unless a catastrophe was imminent.

The people did not know what was happening, but Supreme Mages who could glimpse into the future were deeply concerned.

They had no way of knowing whether it was something good or bad.

Above the vast ocean, Dean Xiao stood on the crest of a wave and contemplated as the sea turned a fiery red.

After some hesitation, he decided to dive into the terrifying sea.

If this place was really connected to the Dark Plane, he needed to know what was happening there. He could at least issue a warning if it spelled disaster for humanity.

Over on the Dark Plane, the ancient dark city had crumbled to dust that swirled aimlessly in the air.

The other Dark Kings had stripped away their previous appearance and revealed their true forms. However, they found themselves suppressed by Wen Tai. The only thing that could offer them some respite was the King of Night and Day losing his temper.

So, they looked at him with a hopeful gaze.

The King of Night and Day was one of the oldest beings around. Without his assurance, the other Dark Kings would not have gathered there.

After all, Wen Tai was a newcomer. He had not been on the Dark Plane for very long.

However, they did not realize how ambitious he was.

He wanted to be the only king on the Dark Plane. Even the King of Night and Day had become his target.

"I won't repeat myself. Either obey me or face death!" Wen Tai's voice remained cold as he commanded the other Dark Kings.

He aimed to strip them of their divine status and destroy their thrones.

From today onward, the Dark Plane would only have one ruler—Wen Tai.

The other Dark Kings hoped that the King of Night and Day would angrily destroy the hand from the sky. Some of them were struggling to hold on.

While the King of Night and Day showed impressive strength, he still could not match Wen Tai.

As they clashed fiercely, their conditions made it apparent who was stronger.

Wen Tai was too calm. In contrast, the King of Night and Day was struggling more and more. If he could sweat, he would have been drenched at this moment.

He did not expect Wen Tai's power to be so terrifying.

He had always considered himself equal to Wen Tai. He thought that if he gave his all, he could kill Wen Tai.

Yet, Wen Tai managed to effortlessly crush all of the King of Night and Day's resistance while he suppressed the other Dark Kings. As such, the initially angry King of Night and Day felt increasingly uneasy.

Wen Tai was mysterious, composed, and taking his time.

What level of power was he truly at?

Was he really just a high-ranking emperor?

Perhaps the King of Night and Day had not become a high-ranking emperor because he had overlooked something important—the significant difference between a middle-ranking emperor and a high-ranking emperor. It was not a goal he could reach by staying on the Dark Plane and absorbing worldly power.

Wen Tai was once the strongest sage in the mortal world, but he had become the strongest Dark King on the Dark Plane.

He was both the son of light and the emperor of darkness. He, who bravely embraced death, had surpassed all others in strength, realm, and divine power.

Finally, a feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed the King of Night and Day.

He still had some powers left to use, but all he could see was an endless abyss and a distant light in the far reaches of the universe. In such a situation, how could he keep fighting Wen Tai?

Nevertheless, he had to hold on just a bit longer!

Gradually, the King of Night and Day's mindset began to change.

He believed that if he could persevere a little longer, perhaps the other ancient and retired beings would appear. The Dark Plane could not be ruled by Wen Tai alone!

"Everyone, we're not standing together right now. Are you willing to submit to him?!

"If we unite, Wen Tai won't stand a chance against us!

"As long as—"

The Cursed Queen was in extreme pain. But she still hoped that the other Dark Kings could unleash their true power to suppress Wen Tai.

However, before she could finish her sentence, another hand reached out from the sky and grabbed her upper body.

It, along with the other hand that had held her before, then exerted a strong force.


The Cursed Queen was instantly split in half! There was no blood, yet it seemed as though the ground was soaked in it.

In a distant place, a grand monument shattered.

This monument represented the Cursed Queen's position as the Dark King. It supported the very fabric of the Dark Plane, both above and below.

Yet, the destruction of her monument did not compress the Dark Plane's sky and ground. Instead, Wen Tai's monument shone even brighter, and other monuments grew noticeably larger.

The Dark Plane's energy was limited. If a powerful Dark King died, this energy would not vanish. Instead, it would transform into a rain of darkness to nourish the place and aid other creatures.

Monuments representing the Evil Saint King and the True Soul King—Mo Fan and Mu Bai—also grew.

Wen Tai acted decisively.

While he might show kindness to humans, he was merciless on the Dark Plane.

Even though the Cursed Queen showed little resistance, Wen Tai did not give her a chance.

Mo Fan had defeated the Duke of Shadow, and it was not clear if he was still alive. It was Wen Tai who had brought Mo Fan to the Dark Plane.

As one of the weaker Dark Kings, the Cursed Queen's fate was not much better than the Duke of Shadow's. Wen Tai had torn her apart right away!

Her death shocked the other Dark Kings. They had counted on the King of Night and Day to protect them, but they noticed that he could not even defend himself. So, they considered surrendering.

"I surrender!"

"I surrender too!"

"I… I surrender as well!"

Once one Dark King surrendered, the others followed suit.

They agreed to acknowledge Wen Tai as the sole ruler of the Dark Plane, and they were willing to give up their titles as kings.

"Very well. I accept your surrender, but… I'm sorry. I lied." Wen Tai smiled, and his expression suddenly turned cold.

Just as the surrendered kings thought they could heave a sigh of relief, Wen Tai unleashed a powerful wave of murderous intent.

It was so intense that it made hundreds of millions of beings on the Dark Plane tremble. Scythes representing darkness appeared behind the surrendered kings.





Four of the kings were swiftly killed!

Wen Tai had revealed his dark and terrifying side once more. The moment those Dark Kings let their guard down, he took advantage of the opening and killed them on the spot.

It was a total wipeout!

Wen Tai realized how big the Dark Plane was and knew that even if they gave up on being the Dark Kings, they could still corrupt humans and make them bow down to them.

"King of Night and Day, will you surrender?" Wen Tai asked coldly.

"Hah! I'll die either way!"

"In that case, do you admit to your wrongdoings?" Wen Tai questioned again.

"Wrongdoings? What wrongdoings have I committed?!" the King of Night and Day responded angrily.

"You manipulated the Land of the Antarctic's emperor, manipulated the Antarctic glaciers, and colluded with Ocean Godly Horde to harm the mortal world. You also plotted to support the underwater domain during the decline of the Eastern and Nile underworlds to plunge the mortal world into death and war." Wen Tai's voice was sharp, like a sword.

Mo Fan was shocked when he heard this.

He immediately turned to look at the ancient dark city's royal court. It was the only part of the city that remained relatively intact.

Suddenly, Mo Fan had a sudden realization.

Why was the Black Dragon Emperor sealed beneath the tiles of the royal court?

The King of Night and Day clearly knew magic that controlled the Undead too!

He was the one who had called upon the Ocean Queen! He was the one who had tried to manipulate Ding Yumian and the Ocean Godly Horde!

The Galaxy of the Yin Energy God was connected to the bottom of the sea, which fell under the King of Night and Day's control.

Could all of this truly be unrelated to him?

Mo Fan realized it all in an instant!

The Ocean Demons running wild, as well as the Cold Moon Evil Eye's invincibility and control over two Divine Eyes, were all thanks to the King of Night and Day. He had been orchestrating things behind the scenes!

It looked like he had just been toying with the mortal world and the Dark Plane. In reality, he had been pulling all the strings and treating the mortal world like his own chessboard!

Versatile Mage - Chapter 3155 King of Night and Day, Do You Admit to Your Wrongdoings? Free Read Online (2024)


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