(Updated 7-8-24) Marolyn Deniece Kannmacher Fasig, 87, Sidney, MT (2024)

Marolyn D. Fasig, 87 of Sidney, MT passed away on Friday, July 5, 2024, at the Eastern Montana Veterans Home, Glendive, MT.

Funeral services for Marolyn are at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, July 13, 2024, at the Faith Alliance Church in Sidney, MT with pastor Paul Turek officiating. Interment will be in the Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, MT. Visitation will be Friday, July 12, 2024, from 10 AM to 5 PM at the funeral home and one hour before services at the church. Fulkerson Stevenson Funeral Home of Sidney, MT is assisting the family. Remembrances, condolences, and pictures may be shared with the family at http://www.fulkersons.com.

Marolyn Deniece Kannmacher was born on Flag Day, June 14, 1937, to Carroll and Edith Kannmacher of Gary, Indiana. It was soon after that the Kannmachers followed family down to southeast Illinois to the small town of Martinsville, across the border from Terra Haute, Indiana.

The Kannmachers, originating in Germany (name meaning can-maker), those that found themselves in Illinois, became farmers. Marolyn’s father also worked at the foundry in town. Edith was a homemaker and raised their four children: Marolyn, Nadine, Jon and Lowell.

As the family lived on the farm – there were many-a-day that the children walked to and from the one-room country schoolhouse, plus taking on many chores for farm and home. In the middle of a cold night – the house started on fire. Marolyn, being the oldest child, had to get her siblings out of the house while her parents and neighbors were tending to the fire. They were all taken to a family neighbor and lived with them till their new home was built on the same property.

At the start of eighth grade, country children went to town for school. During her senior year, Marolyn was chosen as a candidate for homecoming queen. One of the football players for the Martinsville Bluestreaks had his eye on Marolyn. After many declines, Marolyn finally gave in and had a date with Jackey Ray Fasig (last name meaning big as a barrel or barrel-like – and also of German descent.) The dating turned into an engagement, which turned into a wedding after high school graduation in 1955. The honeymoon was short-lived, only lasting one week before Jack joined the United States Navy and Marolyn began nurses training 30 miles from home. She graduated at the Terre Haute (Indiana) School of Nursing in 1958 as a Registered Nurse.

After Jack was out of the Navy, the couple brought into this world four children: Jay, Deniece, Russ and Tim. Jack was called into the ministry, and Marolyn was able to get a job everywhere the family went – from Illinois to Arizona, Kansas, Colorado and finally landing in Sidney, Montana.

Marolyn carried positions as an RN working in hospitals, finishing her career in geriatric care as nurse, charge nurse, then to Director of Nursing at Richland Homes/Sidney Extended Care, and also the first nurse at the new Lodge of Lone Tree Creek (an assisted living home.) She retired in 2001, as Jack wanted her close to him at home after he retired. Such lovebirds for almost 63 married years!

Marolyn was Jack’s nurse until she exhausted herself and family came to their aid. In February of 2018, Jack and Marolyn came to stay at EMVH, Eastern Montana Veterans Home in Glendive, MT. After Jack’s passing in March of 2018, Marolyn’s health began to improve, and she became a very loved lady by all the staff. She flourished in activities, but also still carried the label as BOSS lady in the “nursing” world to many of her students that had previously worked in Sidney, MT, as well as many new oncoming staff. She always carried that smile, along with that twinkle in her eyes.

She had a strong faith in Jesus Christ, and loved her family and friends, as well as many acquaintances. If there was chocolate to be found – Marolyn would always taste test, with a chaser of Diet co*ke.

Marolyn will sorely be missed, but as we all know she is with her Lord and Savior, and together again with Jack, along with four children that they never had the pleasure of raising and four great grandchildren. She’s also reunited with her parents, and all of her siblings.

She leaves behind her four children: Jay (Marcia) Fasig of Haysville, KS, Deniece (Dan) Schwab of Sidney, MT, Russ (Judy) Fasig of Derby, KS and Tim (Kim) Fasig of West Haven, UT; along with nine grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren: Dustin (Kaydrianna) with Maverick and Crue Steele, Cody (Leah) with Ryan and Jackson Fasig, Kalee (Martin) with Memphis and Georgia Rose, Shelley Steele and partner in crime Jamie Velasco with Bella Strasheim, Justine (Josh) with Luke, Levi, Liam, Zoey and Ivey Ashcraft, Katelyn (Kaleb) with Blaire Miears, Mallory (Joey) Adelyn, Amelia and Daiton Carpenter, Garrett (Karina) Fasig, and Sam (Cheyenne) with Hayden and Bowen Fasig.

Mom (grandma), we miss you so much, and we love you dearly! Life will never be the same! BUT we know that you are safe in the arms of Jesus, and we are so good with that!

(Updated 7-8-24) Marolyn Deniece Kannmacher Fasig, 87, Sidney, MT (2024)


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