Homemade Deodorant Recipe {Aluminum Free} (2024)

By Stacy Williams

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If you’re tired of using deodorant that is full of toxins, this homemade deodorant recipe is just what you need. This all-natural DIY aluminum free deodorant recipe works amazingly, smells great and comes together in just a few minutes.

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Deodorant is one of those things that no one should be without. After all, no one wants to be the girl (or guy) no one wants to be around because of smelly pits, right? For me, deodorants are something I’m quite picky about.

I don’t like store bought deodorant because I hate not knowing exactly what I’m putting on my body so when we started going greener and living more simply a few years back, I moved to learning how to make this homemade deodorant instead.

fact, this lavender scented homemade deodorant was the very first thing I made homemade when I started working on this list of things to make homemade to save money back in 2015 and I’m still making it today!

How to Make A Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Aluminum

I’ve tried a lot of homemade deodorant recipes over the last few years, but none of them were able to handle what a Texas summer can throw at it.

It ain’t pretty when the heat index outside is 112° F and you’re sitting on the side of a lake and your deodorant fails.

This homemade deodorant recipe though works incredibly well in those kinds of heats while being gentle at the same time. In fact, it’s gentle enough that both of my girls wear it as well.

That was exactly what I was looking for when I began making it; a homemade deodorant that would hold up under even the hottest Texas sun, but gentle enough not to irritate my skin.

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What Ingredients Are in DIY Deodorant?

Part of the reason this lavender scented homemade deodorant works so well is because the ingredients are perfect to make a homemade deodorant with.

Beeswax is known for its skin softening qualities and in this recipe; also holds things together to form a sort of “gel.” The shea butter and coconut oilnot only help moisturize dry skin, but combined they also help your homemade deodorant to glide or spread easily.

Corn starch and baking soda not only help to get rid of any odor, but they also help to absorb moisture from sweat.

Is there aluminum in baking soda?

I am not sure where this rumor began, but there is no aluminum in baking soda. Baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate does not contain aluminum at all.

If you are interested, this site explains it better and in a bit more detail.

In any case, this particular homemade deodorant recipe is an aluminum free deodorant so those who are sensitive or try to avoid it can rest easy when using it.

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What essential oils are in homemade deodorant?

As this deodorant is an all natural deodorant, it does contain essential oils. These oils help to boost the power of the deodorant and add their own benefits to the mixture.

Tea tree essential oil is antimicrobial so it makes sense to use it in a homemade deodorant. Odor is caused by bacteria on the skin so using an antimicrobial product can help to kill bacteria that help create odor.

Lavender essential oilis antibacterial as well which gives your tea tree oil a bit of a boost and also helps your finished product smell fresh, clean and soft. The two essential oils together create a very powerful combo for your homemade deodorant recipe.

Vitamin E Oil is used not only for its skin softening properties – seriously, try my homemade dry skin lotion recipe (Six Dollar Family) that uses it as a main ingredient! – , but also because it has a preservative effect on homemade beauty recipes. This preservative effect helps to give not just this homemade deodorant recipe, but all your DIY beauty products a longer shelf life if they are properly stored.

What Other Scents Can I Make This Deodorant With?

The batch in this post was done with a lavender scent, but you do not have to use lavender. If you’re not fond of the scent of lavender, feel free to experiment with other essential oils for scent.

For women, rose essential oil, geranium essential oilor or even peppermint essential oilare all fantastic options.

I also especially like using the Clean and Fresh essential oil blend from Simply Earth.

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You will need:

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Homemade Deodorant Recipe

If you're tired of using deodorant that is full of toxins, this homemade deodorant recipe is just what you need. This all-natural DIY aluminum free deodorant recipe works amazingly, smells great and comes together in just a few minutes.

Course DIY Beauty

Cuisine Essential Oil Recipes

Keyword Beauty, Lavender Oil

Prep Time 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes minutes

Cooling Time 8 hours hours

Total Time 8 hours hours 25 minutes minutes

Servings 1 container

Author Stacy Williams

Cost $1.00




  • Add the coconut oil, beeswax pellets, and shea butter into a medium saucepan and melt it slowly over low heat stirring often.

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  • After the mixture has melted, remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in the baking soda and corn starch using a wire whisk

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  • Allow the mixture to cool slightly, but no so long it thickens too much. Add the essential oils and stir to combine. Pour into empty deodorant containers and allow it to sit for 8 hours or until it is fully hardened.

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  • The beeswax pellets will melt slower than the other ingredients. Be sure to watch the mixture carefully and stir often so it does not burn.
  • As with any recipe containing cornstarch, it will thicken as it begins to cool. While you do need to allow it to cool before adding the essential oils, do not allow it to cool enough to thicken. Doing so will make pouring impossible.
  • For best results, use within 90 days and store in the fridge for long lasting shelf life. Bring to room temperature before using, however, please note that coconut oil begins to melt at around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.
Homemade Deodorant Recipe {Aluminum Free} (2024)


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